We love order. In the office and at home. Order creates time, relief and, yes, even moments of happiness.


One of the leading management and consulting companies for medical and dental practices.


Use social media in a smarter way! As a content creator you can show your on-line presence with one profile. As a private user you can discover interesting profiles, you can search for public figures, brands, local businesses or influencers. With one search you find all their social channels, contact information or web links. To put it simple, you can consume you social media in on single place.


Is a legal service provider and wants to help European buyers of diesel emission scandal cars to get compensation. The LegalTech startup was the first initiator of class action law suit in Europe.


Is a B2B legal service provider and wants to help European buyers of trucks to receive compensation from the truck cartel. All buyers, lessees and rental buyers who have paid too high prices for trucks over six tonnes are damaged.


(formerly MyLittleJob for students) is an online platform that provides larger and smaller jobs for independent work on students and freelancers. The platform has been in existence since 2011 and is available in Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States.


Is a German online retailer of clothing, shoes and accessories with headquarters in Hamburg. AboutYou GmbH was founded as a subsidiary of the Otto Group and has been listed as an investment company in the Group's portfolio since 2018


A company specialized in providing real estate consulting services, which can turn a simple investment into the best business.


Is a platform on which companies and candidates come together, based on relevant factors that go beyond the curriculum vitae.


After BursaTransport has become the leading freight exchange in Romania, the company continues to expand towards Central and Southeastern Europe. Our goal is to provide freight forwarders and hauliers with the best experience of a freight exchange.


It is having approximately 16.000 customers and more the 5 million goods each year and it is the leading freight exchange in Romania.

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Web agency with different projects mainly in Wordpress but also in other CMS software.